Back to school over the years….


Look at the midsection of door to see growth!

First day of school 2011.. now this jumper looks tiny and is stored away as a memory.


First day of school 2012


First day of school 2013!


Amy’s first day of school 2003!




2007.. with Baby Jake.


I got a bit distracted.. it’s tricky finding undated picture files..


First year of Highschool 2010








Seen and heard on the ship…


First morning at Breakfast.

A couple wandering round the breakfast buffet looking lost each holding a plate, precariously balancing a banana.


A couple in a lift going down for dinner, dressed in shorts and tee-shirts.

Woman: I can’t believe you let us be 5 minutes late for Dinner! its despicable! totally unacceptable! I am mortified.

Man just looks a bit hangdog.

None of us had the courage to point out they forgot to change for dinner…


So said Amy I might tour the ship when you have your, Makes in quotes gesture… “nap time”



A member of staff: good morning young man!

Jake consults his watch. I think you mean good afternoon!


Picking Jake up from kids club super hero evening.. Staff member: bye super poo! …Jake : my super power is pooing…complete with brown mask and embossed cloak.


Amy: I am going to decapitate you and hang your head on the door as a warning to others. Jake: I am going to cut your head off!

Amy no I am going to cut your head off.

Mum: no talk of decapitation at breakfast.


The boys get ice cream there is only enough chocolate for Jake. I jokingly try to convince him to let me have it.

Jake : do you like chocolate sprinkles?

Mum yes

Jake do you like rainbow sprinkles?

Mum yes

Jake do you like chocolate and rainbow sprinkles together on chocolate ice cream?

Mum yes!

Ok you can have it.. Turns away in despair…


At Breakfast..


Jake: I love you both so much! My heart is full of love for you, I will write it down so I don’t forget, even when I am grown up, how very much I love you!


It felt like the ship had parked up by the mountains, we sat on the balcony and looked out at the slopes. Olden is riddled with lakes and stunning vistas and a babbling brook on steroids.

It reminds us of a mixture between Canada and alpine Europe.

The tour we took today was a bit of a let down. The countryside and lakes round here are totally stunning and breath-taking but the damn bus didn’t stop much. It made us want to return and breath the air and linger.


We jumped bus at the town near the ship and sat on a bench overlooking a lake. bought Jake a bit of Lunch at a local supermarket and eyed it up for a future self catering trip. It was blissful here, we sat in the sun and enjoyed the view and played silly games I had never heard of before like thumb wars.


The difference between Fathers and Mothers…


We were driving away from a cafe yesterday, we had been bothered by wasps, Jake was terrified and as a mum my heart was in my mouth too and I was recounting the number of wasp issues we had had this summer.

Fay: That’s the third time they have ruined a meal or treat now.

Dan: I have not really had a wasp issue yet.

Fay: Looks astonished.. but we just had a whole issue back there, Jake was crying and scared and couldn’t eat his cake, it was a nightmare!

Dan: They didn’t really bother me…

Norwegian Treasures…


Socks for Amy, a book, gloves for me, a woollen heart in the Norwegian knitwear design, a painted inside glass Christmas ornament and of course a Troll.


A very pretty, delicate silver necklace in a traditional Norwegian style.


The kids and Dan had a bit of a moose fixation going on.


I decided this could represent the spirit of Norway.